The Fast Phobia Treatment is a direct online one-to-one therapy session to eliminate your phobia in one session. the treatment is fast, completely natural and without the scare tactics of exposure therapy or hypnosis which are outdated and less effective for phobia treatments.

The Treatment includes:

Free initial telephone, Skype or Messenger consultation. This is an opportunity for you to share with me details about your phobia and how it is affecting your life. And an opportunity for me to share with you how the Fast Phobia Treatment works and how it can help you overcome your phobia forever.

This consultation is completely and without obligation. Only if you want to go ahead with the full treatment will I require full payment before the treatment session. Some clients often feel a more relaxed even if they don't go ahead with the full treatment, as it is often the first phobia specialist they have ever spoken to about their fear.

The Fast Phobia Treatment:

The session is a bespoke one-to-one treatment session of 90 minutes completely tailored to your specific phobia. In the session, we will explore all the aspects of your phobia, how it started, your personal experience, how it is affecting your life and how you would like to feel in the future. As we talk I will demonstrate the simple tapping method to desensitise the old fear and anxiety response and replace it with a calm, relaxing feeling when you think about your old phobia so it will never bother you again in the future. The treatment is fast, completely natural, comfortable and a lot of people really enjoy the process.

I only carry out online sessions via Skype or Facebook Messenger now. I adopted this working method as it has many benefits for my clients.

It's convenient: the phobia treatment can be carried out from anywhere. So there is no travel time or expense. This is especially convenient for you if you live in a remote location or you have limited mobility or time.

It's effective: I have been carrying online sessions with clients since 2013 with great effect. I carry out the exact treatment session as I used to do in my practice in Manchester.

It's private: You can have your phobia treatment session from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

After the session, you will be given access to my client area where I have video recorded the complete Fast Phobia Treatment so you can repeat the process anytime you wish. You will also have access telephone and email support from me.