Frequent Questions


Q. What is a phobia?

A. A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of an object, event, activity, or situation, called the phobic stimulus, resulting in a compelling desire to avoid it-Virtually anything is capable of becoming a phobic stimulus or response. We are not born with phobias, they're produced by traumatic situations where you felt completely vulnerable. Phobias often start in early life before 7 years of age where the brain is in a theta state and recording the world around you. Although you can develop them at any age if the trauma is severe enough.


Q. What is the difference between a fear and a phobia?

A. A fear is an emotional response to a real or perceived imminent threat like somebody scaring you jokingly and afterwards you completely forget about it. A phobia is where the fear and trauma has been that intense that the memory and fear stay with you for life until successfully treated. Your phobia will make you avoid certain objects, situations or places and unfortunately, the phobia only gets stronger with time, making you feel more anxious and distressed even thinking about the object, place or situation.


Q. What happens in the treatment session?

A. After your complimentary consultation, I will have the full history of how and when your phobia started. I will then explain how the Fast Phobia Treatment works and then get a gauge of what number your fear response is on a simple fear chart. We then begin tapping and talking until you feel completely relaxed. When you can no longer trigger the fear response I will completely desensitize your phobia until you can no longer feel the fear response you had before the session started. When you can no longer feel scared, you're free to live the rest of your life without your phobia.


Q. How does your Fast Phobia Treatment work?

A. The Fast Phobia Treatment works by completely reconditions the phobia memory and as a result of stopping the 'fight, flight or freeze response often in minutes.


Q. Is the Fast Phobia Treatment like hypnosis or hypnotherapy?

A. No, during the Fast Phobia Treatment it is just like we're talking about your phobia as we desensitise it together. You are never out of control, you simply feel very relaxed.


Q. After the treatment when I see the object or situation I had a phobia about, will I panic?

A. No, the phobia memory was only in your mind. Once that memory has been desensitised you will never need to run away or freeze again.


Q. Where is the phobia treatment session carried out?

A. The phobia treatment session is carried out online via Skype or Facebook messenger from the comfort of your own home.


 Q.  My phobia is embarrassing, do I have to tell you?

 A. No, another unique thing about the fast phobia treatment is that it can be done without you telling me your phobia.  I only need to know the symptoms.


Q. Does the phobia treatment last forever.

A. Yes, once we have carried out the full treatment session together you will be completely free from your phobia for life.


Q. Could I just take medication for my phobia instead of treatment?

A. Some people do take medication for phobias, but like most medications, they're only masking the problem and not solving the real issue, so your phobia will come back as the medication wears off. The medications normally prescribed are Valium or Xanax which are benzodiazepines and act to put the brain into a relaxed Gaba state until they wear off and you need more. My Fast Phobia Treatment creates Gaba state and leaves you with a calm feeling completely naturally without all the nasty side effects of these medications.


Q. I have sought help from other therapists in the past for my phobia, why will your treatment be different?

A. I have worked with clients who have tried Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and even a client who was under a Professor of Clinical Psychology for 12 months will not results. All of the phobias they suffered with I treated in one 2 hour treatment.


Q. Are there any unpleasant side effects?

A. There are no lasting side effects. Most people simply feel completely relaxed and even excited as the brain just let's go of your phobia at the end of the session.


Q. Can I have my treatment session after my consultation if I want to go ahead?

A. Yes, I leave enough time after your initial consultation to carry out the treatment if you decide to go ahead.


Q. What are your consultation and treatment days and times?

A. I carry out consultations and treatments Monday to Saturday at 10am / 1pm / 4pm and 7pm

Q. Do you give a guarantee with your phobia treatment?

 A. I give a unique guarantee that once you have had your treatment session and tried the results in your daily life and you feel  your phobia is not completely resolved, I will carry out another session completely free of charge


Q. Can you really help me with my phobia?

A. Yes, after your treatment session I can guarantee you will feel more relaxed and more in control than you have done in years with your phobia.


Q. How long is the treatment session?

A. After your initial consultation and assessment the complete treatment normally only takes three hours to resolve your phobia symptoms completely.


Q. Is your service completely confidential?

A. Yes, some of my clients are from very prominent positions in society and as a result, they want complete privacy. Anything that is discussed among ourselves, stays between us. I never discuss client information, names or profession with anybody.


Q. Do you work with children?

A. Yes, I am very happy to work with children. However, I require written confirmation from a parent or guardian and I require that the parent or guardian is present for the whole of the treatment session.


Q. I've tried to remove my phobia with other therapists and failed. Why will your treatment get better results?

A. I am a specialist in phobias only unlike many therapists that do general practice. I developed my treatment purely for phobias based on over 20 years and research and application.


Q. If I just leave my phobia will it just go away in time?

A. No, phobias actually get worse if left untreated. They do this because the part of the brain that recorded the initial trauma and collects more similar situations in an attempt to protect you more. So left untreated, the symptoms just get stronger and control your behaviour more.


Q. Why does your treatment work better?

A. My treatment is bespoke and tailored to your specific phobia. Your traumatic experience is unique to you, so it is tailored to you and how you experienced the event. Unlike other therapists that tend to take a generic approach to treat phobias.


Q. Do you give a guarantee?

A. My guarantee is if you're still anxious about your phobia at the end of the session I will not charge you.


Q. Why are you more expensive than other therapists?

A. My fees reflect the fact that I am a phobia specialist and the developer of 'The Fast Phobia Treatment' also my treatment is tailored to your specific phobia, unlike other therapists who are general therapists and not specialists in the field of phobias.


Q. How can I pay for my treatment?

A. You can pay for your treatment via bank transfer or Paypal. You don't need a Paypal account to make a payment via Paypal, you can make a guest payment with your debit or credit card completely securely.


Q. What should I do next?

A. Simply contact me on 0161 442 1747 to arrange a complimentary consultation. Whether you decide to go ahead or not, at least you will have more information on your specific phobia and if I will be able to help you.